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14 Plastic Free Building Toys – Alternatives To Legos

Do you have a child who loves building with legos but you don’t want to buy any more plastic bricks. No fear, there are lots of other options of plastic free construction and building toys which will satisfy your children’s need to construct but not add any more plastic to the environment.

This article includes lots of suggestions for kids and teens of all ages. Some are really envionmentally friendly and made of recycled cardboard. Others are made of wood, some from sustainable, renewable resources. And there is a bonus suggestion at the end to make use of the legos your may already have without having to buy any more.

* Please note we may get a small commission for any purchases made through links in this article

Wooden Marble Run

This wooden marble run is made by Hape which constructs their toys using FSC accredited wood products.

It’s so well made that it will stand the test of time and be passed down to siblings or if not given or sold to another child to prolong the lifetime.

Have super fun building all kinds of marble runs and then running marbles down them.

Mondoo Bloxx (made out of recycled cardboard)

Mondoo bloxx are oversized blocks which are made of recycled cardboard.

Kids will love building all kinds of life size structures with the blocks. Stack them up and knock them down, build a bridge, table or a house. Super fun!

Robotime DIY House Project

This miniature caravan kit is best suited to teens and adults.

You follow the picture instructions to build the kit. The package contains everything needed including wood, fabric, paper-cut, glue, pigment, tweezers and a brush. Robotime make tons of kits like this so there are a lot to choose from.

3D Wooden Dinsoaur Puzzle

This wooden dinosaur puzzle is a great first 3d puzzle project. .

There wooden pieces are pre-cut. Kids and adults can follow the instructions and assemble the dinosaur.

Haba Building Blocks

This 102 piece extra large starter set from HABA is suitable for kids from age 1 – 8 years old. 

The blocks are made of solid, natural, untreated beech wood that comes from sustainable forestry in Germany.

They are beautifully made and designed to stand the test of time, so generations can play with the blocks for years to come.

Cardboard Fantasty Fort

This fantasty fort kit allows kids to build and rebuild structures in different shapes and sizes. They can then get in the fort and play. The 16 panels are made of heavy duty cardboard. It offers lots of options for imaginative play .

Once finished with make a storage box out of 6 of the panels for easy storage.

Tegu Magnetic Blocks

Tegu magnetic blocks are fab for younger children. They are magnetic wooden blocks. So it’s easy to build with the blocks and make objects that sick together. You can make lots of different sticky monsters with this fun set but there are others sets too if you would like something different.

The company that makes the blocks also try and bring social change to Honduras where the blocks are made. It’s one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere and has one of the highest unemployment rates. By making the blocks in Honduras the company has brought jobs, opportunities and changed the lives of many people.

Paper Nano Building Kits

Paper Nano is small-scale, highly-detailed, elegant paper crafting where you can build flawless masterpieces with exacting detail amazing accuracy. 

The Paper Nano Kyoto Temple Building Kit is a classic example of Japanese architecture and design. The kit is quite challenging so is a good choice for teenager and adults. Patience and attention to detail is required. 

A lot of good tips can be found by reading the reviews to help when building the temple.

Paper Nano Garage

Another really cool paper nano kit is this paper nano garage. It’s recommended for ages 12 plus.

The final project is  5.5 by 3.5 inches; each kit comes with detailed instructions and a display shadow box

Ugears 3D Puzzle

The Ugears Theater Mechanical 3D Puzzle Wooden Construction Set is made of plywood and has everything you need for assembly. No glue is required. 

Once completed you can spin the theatre. By spinning the wheel you can see how heroes of the theater follow each other: Prince, King, Castle, Dragon, Witch, Jester, The Princess and the Treasure Chest. It is quite mesmerising to watch 

Wooden Plank Set

The Brain Blox Wooden Building Blocks / Planks are great for kids of all ages with young children, older kids, teens and even adults building all kinds of incredible structures. The planks don’t need magnets or glue to be used. They inspire all kinds of creativity and really spark a child’s imagination. A building toy booklet is included to get you started.

The planks are made sustainably with renewable resources. It’s made of New Zealand pine wood.

Wooden Domino Set

Wooden domino sets are super fun. Build up different domino runs and start a chain reaction. It’s a fun activity to work on in a team or individually.

A domino set encourages creativity and open ended play. Haba toys are consistently well made and designed to last so will pass onto other siblings and will last throughout the generations.

Yoho Cube Plane

Yoho cubes are cardboard blocks that kids have to construct themselves. They then connect them together to make a plane. There is another kit where you can make a boat as well. You can see a vide of how they work on yoho cubes website.

Bonus Suggestion: Books

Why not make use of legos and cardboard that you already have rather than buying more. The books below have lots of ideas of projects to work on.

Lego Book

If you already have a pot of lego bricks at home, don’t get anymore but make the most out of the bricks that you have.

This lego book will help you turn your box of bricks into amazing, movable toys, machines and gadgets

Out of the Box: 25 Cardboard Engineering Projects for Makers

Out of the Box: 25 Cardboard Engineering Projects for Makers

Why not use cardboard boxes as a building material instead of recycling them straight away. This book gives 25 interactive cardboard model projects that engage kids’ creativity.

Kids can bring old cardboard to life and build recycled creations they can play with, sit in, and wear.

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