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37 Eco Friendly Ideas for College Students

Kitchen and Cooking Equipment

Students will be cooking for themselves for the first time, and there are lots of ethical cooking equipment and items you can get. Cooking from scratch is always ethically better than buying lots of pre packaged ready meals and it’s better for your health too. Here are some ideas:

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Microwave cookbook.- Cooking in the microwave is one of the most economically efficent ways of cooking, it’s quick, easy and can be healthy so a microwave cookbook will help steer them in the right direction.

Paperless towels – help them save money and replace kitchen towel with reusable towels which can be thrown in the wash.

Reusable bowl covers – These will fit over bowls so he or she can easily and quickly cover up left overs and put them in the fridge for later. Save throwing away left over food and will mean less cooking.

Vegan Cookbook – one of the best things you can do for the environment is to eat less meat and animal products. So a vegan or vegetarian cookbook can make a fab ethical gift.

Cosmetics and Bathroom Items

Male or female, students need personal care items and generally would like personal items too.

Some ideas include:

A safety razor (fab for men and women – prevents them from buying lots of disposable plastic razors)

Shaving soap

Solid shampoo, conditioner and deodrant (Ethique make some fab solid beauty bars).

Magic face cloths -fantastic for wiping off make up and only water needed. These are amazing, they really do wipe away traces of make up and will reduce the need for buying eye make up remover in plastic bottles. Therefore it will save money and be great for the environment too.

Bamboo toothbrush set

Items for the Dorm Room

Mexican Blanket – a blanket is a fab way to keep warm without having to keep putting the heating on. They can keep students warm and comfortable too. It can also be used as a throw or a picnic blanket or for activities such as yoga.

A foldable drying rack: this can be fab for air drying clothes. It’s very environmentally friendly. It will also save money. Gentle drying of clothes makes them last longer too. It will fold flat for storage so could be stored under a bed.

Plants: look good and make a dorm room feel homely without being harmful to the environment.

Bed shelfie: this bedside shelf is a space saving and made of bamboo. Eco-friendly bamboo grow much faster than other woods so it’s an incredible renewable source. the bed shelfie is fantastic for holding your laptop or a cup or whatever you want to put on it.

Bamboo lap desk: a lot this is very useful for students. it means I can sit anywhere just put the lapdesk on their lap and easily use their laptop. It’s great for using when sitting on your bed or sitting on the couch.

Books on Learning Skills

There are lots of fab books that make great gifts for college students. If they haven’t already got them, you can get the a kindle so they can get electronic versions of the book rather than paper copies. There are some great books on leading a more environmentally friendly life and learning new skills as well. Here are some fab ideas of books for gifts:

140+ Cleaning Hacks and Decluttering Tips: College students will be cleaning their own dorms and homes. This book has lots of great for environmentally friendly cleaning using  safe, nontoxic items and even foods which can help save money and time.

Hand Mending Made Easy –Hand mending your own clothes is a great skill to have to save money and help the environment. This book gives 12 lessons for hand mending from the very basics such as threading a needle, sewing on buttons to repairing seams and fixing seams and buttonholes, ironing techniques and repairing broken zippers, No sewing machine required.

The Useful Book – this is a really useful all rounder for any college student. It tells you 201 life skills they used to teach in home ed. It covers home maintenance, cooking skills, mending clothes and cleaning tips.

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Study Supplies

Of course, students are at college to study so they will alwasy find more study supplies and equipment useful. There are lots of ethical options  you can buy. The best rules to follow are to avoid plastic, look for items that will last and not break (these can be passed on after college has finished),and find recyclable or compostible options.

Here are some ideas:

A recycled backpack – a backpack made from material from recycled water bottles. It is a good option for carrying equipment to college and has a laptop sleeve.

Refillable fountain pen – a fountain pen with a reusable ink cartridge makes the perfect classic gift and will make sure they will never have to buy any more disposable pens.

Pencil highlighters – avoid the plastic pen highlighters with pencil highlighers which will last and last and have no plastic to dispose off when finished.

Recycled notebook

Recycled folders

Sprout pencils: these are pencils which turn into plants at the end of their life.

A Bamboo stapler

On the Go (Out and About)

Students can save lots of money and help the environment by thinking about equipment gadgets and items I can type with them when they’re on the go. Here are some ideas:

A recycled crossbody purse: Crossbody bags are fantastic for your essentials wherever you go. This purse is made out of recycled materials – the fabrics are made with 100% Cycle PET polyester fabric, made from recycled water bottles (uses 2+ bottles). It has a water resistant lining and coating, with removable zippered pouch and interior key fob. There are different designs and it also has a removable zipper pouch. 

An Eco lunch box: lunch box is made of stainless steel which is fantastic Four packing a lunch. It’s easy to clean and can be put in a dishwasher. It should last a long time so you won’t have to keep buying plastic containers for your food.

A reusable water bottle: this is a great water bottle. it will keep your drink either hot or cold for hours.

Reusable snack bags: these are great for taking snacks on the go.

Waxed canvas lunch bag: an alternative to a stainless steel lunch box is a canvas lunch bag which is biodegradable and vegan friendly

A canvas tote bag: these are super useful for carrying groceries, taking stuff to the beach or even carrying college equipment when needed. There are some fun bags with slogans too.

Other ideas

There are lots of other ethical and eco-friendly gift ideas for students.

Experiences: there are tons of experience events and days you can buy for a college student. What they will like you very much depends on their personality, hobbies, likes and dislikes. So the experience is could range from a spa day to bungee jump to go karting.

Take them out for a meal: students generally don’t have as much money. So as a gift I’m I really really appreciate the finer things in life. Take them out a really nice restaurant. Or give them a voucher so they can take somebody they would like to eat with.

Money: it’s a bit boring but a lot of students will really appreciate some hard cash.

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