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8 Amazing Toys Made Out Of Recycled Cardboard for Toddlers

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Recycled cardboard is a great material to make toys and gifts for toddlers with. You can obviously get your own cardboard boxes and make your own gifts but many of us don’t have time for that or just aren’t very good at it.

Fortunately there are some great toy manufacturers which make some fantastic toys and gifts out of cardboard and paper. The cardboard is reinforced so it can withstand toddlers play. Obviously the great thing about cardboard is that it is easily recycled or composed when finised with. So you really don’t have to worry about adding extra waste to the landfill as long as you despose of it responsibly.

Read on for some great toys made out of cardboard / paper to add to your Christmas and birthday lists.

Nesting Blocks

These nesting blocks are made out of recycled paper and toddlers will love them to build towers and knock them down. They are beautifully illustrated with animals and next to each animal is a corresponding letter so are great for storytelling and introducing young children to letters as well. The blocks can also nest into one another. You can hide things in them too.

As they are made out of cardboard, it is a good idea not to give them to 1 year olds as they may chew on them. On the plus side, you don’t have to worry about toddlers throwing them around as they won’t really hurt anybody.

Cardboard Playhouse

This playhouse is made out of recycled cardboard and really is brilliant. The best thing about a cardboard playhouse is that once you’ve constructed it, you can decorate it too. Paint it, scribble on it, put stickers and posters on it and really make it your own creation. As well as being made out of recycled material it is also 100% recycable.

There are lots of other cardboard “buildings” you can buy as well including a castle and a fairy tale castle.

Jigsaws Out of Recycled Cardboard

Petit Collage make jigsaws out of recycled cardboard which are designed for the very youngest of children. They make jigsaws with as little as 3 or 6 pieces but they also make floor puzzles with 24 pieces as well. They even use a rope handle rather than a plastic handle on their jigsaw puzzle boxes.

Building Blocks

These Mondo cardboard blocks are made out of strong recycled materials and have excellent reviews. Reviewers seem genuinely surprised at how strong and sturdy they are and how much play they can withstand. They are huge pieces so can be used to build some really cool structures. Kids and toddlers will absolutely love them.

Build towers, dens, walls and even seats. Toddlers will love building with these blocks and then knocking them down.


Pop Out and Build, Dinosaurs Playset

This is a cute and inexpensive little dinosaur playset made out of recycled cardboard.

Older kids will enjoy popping out and creating the dinosaurs. Toddlers can help an adult with making the set too.The dinsoaurs can be taking apart and put back together as well making it great for honing those fine motor skills. If you want to keep them together to play with a bit of glue can help them stick together.

Memory Game (Animals and Babies)

This memory game is a fab for toddlers. There are 24 cards and you have to match the animals with their babies. Very young toddlers can do this with an adult. As they get older they can do it independently. It’s good to talk with a young child as they complete the game as you can introduce them to new words and vocabulary.

Made with recycled paper printed with non-toxic environmentally friendly vegetable based inks.


Recycled Cardboard Toy Car

The  main frame on this toy car is made of 100% recyclable self-colored fiberboard which is safe and environmentally friendly.

It is handmade and fab for imaginative play. Adults will need to assemble it. Once assembled kids can play in it and draw on it, so there’s lots of fun to be had.

Gone Fishing Memory Game

Another fab game for the toddler crowd.

It’s a simple card matching game made out of recycled paper. It includes 24 large-shaped cards featuring 12 designs of sparkly fishes. The idea is to turn them all over take turns in turning two cards at a time to find pairs. 

The cards are the perfect size for little hands to turn over and it’s great for learning about matching skills.

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