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Six Wooden Alternatives To Nerf Guns

Why get a plastic nerf gun when there are lots of fab wooden guns, catapults and cross bows instead?. Some of the wooden toys featured not only offer kids the ability to shoot targets, but offer lots of educational and learning value as you have to construct the toys first.

If construction is not for you, there are lots of toys where you can have all the fun without the work beforehand as well.


* Please note we may get a small commission for any purchases made through links in this article

Wooden Catapult

Build your own wooden catapult and have lots of fun shooting catapults at targets once completed.

This set has 3 different wooden catapults you can build. It contains everything you need to assemble each model in 1-3 hours: The kits come with laser-cut wooden components, rubber bands, sandpaper and clear, simple instructions.

Wooden Cross Bow

A Wood Toy Cross Bow Set is fun for kids. The darts have rubber tips on the end for safety. It shoots fairly far, lots of fun.

Wooden Mechnical Handgun

This mechanical wooden hand gun is a great gift idea for teens and adults. Firstly, construct the wooden hand gun. Assembly should be completed in an evening. Then have fun shooting rubber bands.

Rubber Band Gun

A rubber band gun is just super fun and not very expensive at all. Kids will have so much fun shooting rubber bands at targets.

Hand Carved Wooden Slingshot

These hand-carved wood animal slingshots can shoot ammo 50 ft. The pack has two, a wolf and a fox. The slingshots are made of sturdy, solid wood and the paint is non toxic.

Desktop DIY Catapult Kit 

Another catapult kit from National Geographic but this one is smaller and less expensive. Once built the catapult can send projectiles up to 15 feet! Each model is fully functional; The kit comes with 8 projectiles plus 6 paper targets.
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