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I am a self confessed self help / personal develoment junkie. I love reading and trying out lots of different self help resources and materials. People are often asking what to buy me for birthdays and Christmas and self help material is always a good bet.

One word of warning, it may be worth asking the recipitent what kinds of gifts they would like. Some people are quite particular with the experts they will read and listen to so may not like everything on this list. You could show them this article as a starting point and see if they would like anything on here. It could be a way to start a discussion. Or you may think there is something on here that is perfect for them without having to have a consultation.

Reading Material and Equipment

Self help and personal development books are most likely an obvious idea but people who are into self help will often read new books and material on a daily basis so it’s difficult to go wrong.

If you’re not sure what books to buy, look at authors they already have books by and see if they have any new material you can purchase. Autobiographies of inspirational / influential people are also a top choice. Some ideas include Steve Job, Elon Musk, Michelle Obama, Nelson Mandela – or anybody they admire in business, entertainment, sport or politics

It can be worth looking on the best seller list for self help and reading reviews on amazon.

Another idea is to get them an audible subscription so that they can listen to some of recordings of the books they like. Or you can get a kindle unlimited subscription which will give them access to a few self help books they may like as well.

If you’re not sure what reading material to get, a voucher can go a long way.

Or if they haven’t already got one, a kindle will mean they can buy and read the books they like electronically.

An Online Course

Many self help experts have created personal development online courses which you can buy and work through online.

One I have recently completed is Steve Pavlina’s deep abundance integration course which has 30 different videos with inspirational content helping viewers increase abundance in their lives. Leo Babuata, who is an expert in simplifying your life has three different courses for changing your life.

Or you may prefer to get a more pratical online course. If they are into their fitness what about access to an Jillian Michael’s fit fusion course?

You can also buy online courses to help learn languages, start a new business or learn new skills including playing a musical instrument or learning wordpress.


Tickets to a workshop or other event

Many self help experts also run courses and workshops which you can attend in person. These give the opportunity of learning lots as well as meeting lots of like minded people. There is quite often the opportunity to hear some really great speakers as well.

Again a google search will find out what’s availabe locally. Here are some which I am aware of which happen around the world.

World Domination Summit (in the USA)

The School of Life  – most courses take place in London but some happen in other places too.

Feel the fear and do it anyway (courses around the world)

Life Coaching

Another option is to purchase some life coaching sessions as a gift. There are lots of life coaches that offer sessions online. Alternatively a search in the local area may highlight some excellent life coaches. If possible, it’s best to get a recommendation from a relative or friend but failing this have a look at recommendations and reviews.

Live coaching doesn’t always need to be done in person. Many popular life coaches offer Skype sessions or other video calls so you don’t always have to find somebody is lives nearby.

Fitness Ideas

Many self improvement addicts make it a priority to get healthier and keep fit. Gifts that help them in their fitness goals will also be appreciated.

It could be a gym membership or some fitness attire or equipment. They may appreciate a reusable water bottle (to stop them using all the single use plastic ones).

Perhaps you could pay for some fitness classes or to hire a personal trainer or fitness coach. Or you could pay for entry to a run, triathlon or other event they want to enter.

Improve Productivity / Save Time

Improving productivity is one of the goals of many people in the self help field. Gadgets or services that help people do this can be much appreciated.

If they like to cook, some gadgets which may help them to save time include a pressure cooker or a slow cooker.

You could help them free up some time, by paying for a decluttering service to help them declutter and free up some space. Or another idea is to pay for a cleaner to give their home a deep clean.

Or give your time, so they can save a bit of theirs. Can you look babysit their kids for an evening? Or cook them a meal one night.

An Experience Gift

If they like to expand their comfort zone it’s probably a given that they would love to try a new experience. And luckily there is a huge market of fab experience gifts that you can buy which will be local to you.

There are adrenaline gifts which range from quad biking to go karting to bungee jumping to flying a plane.

Other experience gifts include things like cookery classes, wine tasting and dance classes (I once attended a teach yourself to dance like Beyonce workshop – it was fun).

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