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Teachers do appreciate gifts but most are happy not to receive anything and say the most treasured gifts are things that their pupils have made or created such as a handmade cards, handwritten poem, pictures they have drawn and handwritten messages. You could even frame some of your child’s work. However, many pupils and parents want to show their appreciation through a gift. If this is you, don’t buy them anymore mugs, pens or boxes of chocolates. Read on for some much better alternatives.

Charity Gifts

Many charities have what are called “virtual” or “unwrapped”  gifs, where you give directly to the charity as a gift for the recipitent. There are specific charity gifts aimed at teachers and these make fantastic gift ideas as not only are you showing appreciation to a teacher, you are doing some good elsewhere in the world in their name. Oxfam America and Oxfam in the UK both offer options to buy school supplies and education gifts for children in other countries. You can then send a greetings card or e-mail with the gift for your child. Save the Children UK and America also do similar gifts. I gave a charity gift to my child’s teacher and the feedback she gave me is that she thought it was a really nice idea. So we will do it again this year as well.

Cinema or Theatre Vouchers / Tickets

A cinema voucher isn’t too expensive and makes a nice gift so teachers can relax in the holidays. One of my son’s teachers loved the theatre so all the parents in the class clubbed together to get him some theatre tickets which he loved.  

A Notebook with Messages from all the Children in the Class

Or you can use a jar and fill them with rolled up handwritten notes from each child in the class. This one will obviously take a bit of co-ordinating with other parents.

A Bottle of Good Wine

It doesn’t have to be a super expensive bottle, but many teachers will appreciate a good bottle of wine to take home and enjoy. They can then recycle the bottle after consuming the wine! There are lots of fun messages you can give with bottles of wine to personalise it. You can write these on a label. Or you can tie a gift tag around the neck of the wine and add the message. Some cool ones include:

“I wine because I teach”

“We’re pretty sure you’re the reason we drink, so enjoy a bottle on us” (from a class)

“Teacher’s therapeutic, restorative, medicinal, health giving potion”

You can print of lots of labels for wine bottles from the Internet or buy pre-prepared wine labels for teachers over on amazon if you don’t have time to make your own.  

A Potted Plant for the Classroom

Teachers are often given cut flowers but instead of flowers consider a potted plant that can be kept in the classroom. Send it with a thank-you note. You can add the text, thank-you for helping me grow. It’s a nice message for a teacher to receive.

Give a financial contribution for the teacher to spend in his or her class

You can either give an individual donation or club together with other parents to give something more substantial. Teachers can then spend the money on things she needs for her classroom. It could be books, stationary or other equipment. It may be worth contacting the school first to see if there is something they need for the class.

Spa Day / Pamper Day

What teacher isn’t going to love a gift of a spa day or pamper day to relax.

A Voucher For Their Favorite Coffee Shop

A Starbucks voucher or voucher for another coffee shop of their liking can be inexpensive but very much appreciated.

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