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Eco Friendly Gifts for 7 and 8 Year Old Boys

One thing I have realised is that it seems easier to find eco friendly gifts for babies, children and younger children. As kids get older it seems there are less options of eco friendly toys and gifts to buy. Therefore I’ve realised when picking eco friendly gifts for 7 and 8 year old boys, it may be very difficult to find the perfect zero waste or eco friendly option. Some compromise may be needed.

Having said this, I have compiled a list of more eco friendly gifts for this age group. It’s not perfect but I hope that it fits in one of the following categories:

  • It is made of recycled materials
  • It is made of materials which can easily be recycled when finished with
  • The gift is designed to have a lifetime of years and will be passed onto generations of other children when finished with.


* Please note we may get a small commission for any purchases made through links in this article

Paper Airplane Squadron

Create multiple paper airplanes and have fun racing them with this paper airplane kit. 

Unfortunately they aren’t made out of recycled paper but at least you can recycle the paper once you’ve finished.

Mudpuppy Map of the United States Geography Puzzle

This is a very educational jigsaw puzzle. It will help 7 and 8 year olds learn all 50 States by name, Capital city, shape, location, and even state nickname. The puzzle has 70 double-sided pieces. It contains 90% recycled paper. The packaging contains 70% recycled paper. It’s printed with nontoxic, soy-based inks. 

Garden In a Box

The Garden in a box is a great gift to encourage kids to get gardening. It contains 10 varieties of non GMO organic flower seeds in separate packets. The instructions for planting are included in the box

There is a sturdy magnetic cardstock tracking board with “Stepping Stone” growing chart allows kids to track the growth of the seeds to flowers while providing instructions and milestones on the way

The kit also includes customizable wood plant name sticks and name stickers

Box Dino

4M make a green science range where you can turn an empty cardboard box and the kit provided to make something.

This kit is allows you to transform the box into a dinosaur. Make the box walk, Hop, stomp, and drive away. 

Out of the Box: 25 Cardboard Engineering Projects for Makers

Instead of buying new craft kits, make use of cardboard you already have. Use the book Out of the Box: 25 Cardboard Engineering Projects for Makers

to build lots of exciting creations including  dinosaurs, masks, race cars and robots.  The projects utilize only recycled materials, including cardboard rolls and boxes, so all the supplies should be easy to find right at home.

Art Supplies and Materials

My 7 year old son loves to draw and this Christmas he has asked for an art set. If you are buying eco friendly gifts as possible this can be hard to achieve.

There are many eco friendly drawing pads like the one featured above so paper is not a problem.

I have decided the best thing to do is to avoid the plastic felt tip pens and stick to coloring pencils. Buying colouring pencils that are well made and will last is the best option to avoid the throw away items that many art sets contain.

Colored Pencils

There are lots of options of colored pencils. This set contains 50 colored pencils & 12 dual-ended colored pencils. The dual-ended colored pencils give you double the colors, while taking up half the space.

Canvas Pencil Wrap

A fab way to present and store the colored pencils is in a canvas pencil wrap. These wraps are much more eco friendly than plastic containers. They roll up so will store all the pencils compactly too. They will also last for years and it’s easy to stop kids from losing their pencils.

They’re also a great way to take pencils to and from school.

Building Fun – Cardboard Sculpture Kit

This is a fun building / sculpture kit which is made of cardboard so can be easily recycled when finished with.

The kit has interlocking precut cardboard circles and flowers that can be connected in so many ways, no two finished projects are ever alike. See how high you can build and what you can build. 

This kit also includes four  birds that can perch atop your sculpture

Eco Cardboard Maze 

This is a fun marble maze which is made of recycled materials including 100% recycled cardboard. Even the marbles are made of recycled content.

Challenge yourself to get your marble from the start corner to the finish corner without falling into the holes! If your marble does fall, fear not, it easily exits the box so you can try again. Maze lid opens and tucks underneath box for easier handling, then closes for easy storage and traveling.



Nintendo Labo

If the kids you are buying for already have a Nintendo Switch, they will love the Nintendo Labo to play with.

Nintendo Labo is a gaming and construction toy platform. It uses kits that include cardboard cut-outs and other materials that are to be assembled in combination with the Nintendo Switch console display and Joy-con controllers to create “Toy-con” that can interact with game software and vice versa.

Most of the labo is made of cardboard so it’s easily recycled when finished with.




Giving kids confidence to cycle can pay dividends in years to come, so they can bike ride instead of take the car or bus meaning less cars on the road and less pollution.

The 20” Woom 4 takes bike riding to the next level is designed for ages 6 to 9 years or overall height 45″-51”. A bell and kickstand are pre-installed. It’s an all-terrain bike introduces kids to gears. With 8 gears and light Kenda off-road tires, it is perfect for exploring and longer rides



Bath Bombs

Don’t think bath bombs are just for girls.

My boys both love bath bombs, especially if they change the color of the water. Lush make a fab bath bomb in the shape of a rocket, so that’s well worth checking out for 7 year old space fanatics.

The bath bombs featured are vegan and are handmade.

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