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I have a lot of men in my lift that I would like to buy gifts for. My own Dad, my husband (father of my children) and my father in law.

This article has lots of suggestions of eco friendly gifts for Dads and a Father in Law based on what they would like

* Please note we may get a small commission for any purchases made through links in this article

Ancestry DNA Testing Kit

An ancestry DNA kit is super interesting and fun. It will reveal your origins from around the world, so you know where your ancestors lived and came from.

They generally consist of a tube and a prepaid mail envelope. You put some saliva in the tube and send it off to get your results.

It’s a great option and will help avoid buying lots of stuff and gadgets he doesn’t really need.

Cinema Tickets

We buy cinema tickets for our Father in Law almost every year. He likes to go to the cinema but doesn’t often go so it gives him an excuse. 

My husband will take the time and go with him too. So it makes a nice Father and son bonding experience.

Wine Gifts

My own Dad loves good wine and there are lots of fab gifts associated with wine that make special gifts for the wine lover. Here are some ideas:

A wine tasting event – there are many experience gifts which will allow him to try wine and learn the basics of how to properly evaluate a good wine. My Dad has been on one of these experience events and he loved it. He also spent a good deal of time explaining to us how to properly taste wine which seems to involve a lot of smelling as well as tasting!

A subscription to a wine club – there are lots of wine clubs you can join. They will deliver wine to you at regular intervals so the man in question will always be stocked up. Different wine clubs have a different focus. Some will try and source the best wines from independent wine-makers. Others allow you to choose the specific wines you want. There are cooperative wine clubs which focus on providing on good wines rather than making a profit.

Wine – probably should go without saying but a good bottle of wine will always be appreciated by somebody who like to drink the stuff. You can also personalise the wine with your own label

Shaving Kit

A zero waste shaving kit is great for the environment and will give him a really close shave. Men often say they need to shave less with a safety razor as they shave is closer. It will obviously save him time and money as he will no longer need to buy disposable razors.

Make your own zero waste shaving kit with a safety razor, shaving soap, some replacement blades and a cardboard box. Fill the inside with brown paper or shredded / crinkle cut paper filler.

Gym Membership

My husband likes to keep fit and would love a gym membership. Local gyms will often provide different lengths of membership as a gift, so it’s worth enquiring locally to see what’s available.

Subscription to Online Music Service (Amazon Music)

If the man in questions loves music, he will more than likely appreciate a subscription to an online music services. There are lots of them to choose from including spotify, pandora and amazon music.

Amazon music often offer a free trial to get you started. Currently you can sign up for 99p for 3 months to try it out

Thermal Flask

My Father in Law works outdoors. He has a thermal flask to keep a hot drink in during the day which is essential in cold weather.

A thermal flask will help avoid spending money on buying take-away coffees, which is obviously better for the environment as well.

My husband actually “borrowed” his Dad’s flask for those cold mornings watching my son play football. He had to give it back, it was sorely missed. So it is on his Christmas list as well.

Check out this stainless steel vacuum insulated mug which keeps beverages hot or cold for hours at a time. As it’s stainless steel it should last for years.


We can all help the environment buy turning the heating down a degree or two. Wearing thermals will help him to be able to do this.

Again as my Father in Law works outdoors, thermals are a staple on his list. They are always appreciated. Longjohns, socks, vest and socks are all great thermal items to put in his stocking.

Food Hamper

I lived in France for a litte while and that Christmas I bought my father a food hamper with lots of items bought from Farmer’s Markets and Independent shops. They were items to try that you couldn’t get in the UK where I live. Obviously it’s not easy (or very eco friendly) just to pop over to France to do your shopping but the same principal could easily be applied where you live.

Make a hamper full of foods and treats that he wouldn’t normally eat. You can make your own candy or visit some independent food shops and farmer’s market to make up your hamper. Make it super eco friendly and keep the packaging down to a minimum, ensure it’s recyclable and as far as possible zero waste.

Beer, Cider and Ale

My Dad also likes beer and ale, so a couple of bottles of new ale to try always make a great gift for him.

Like wine you can also join beer and cider subscription clubs where they will send beer to you on a regular basis.

Kindle Unlimited

My husband likes to read and he has had a subscription to Kindle Unlimited in the past, so a prepaid subscription could make a fab zero waste gift idea for a Dad or a Father in Law. You can buy a gift subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months.

Recycled Socks

Dad’s always need sock in their stockings right? Well this time consider getting them some socks made out of recycled materials, like these funky socks made by Solmate

Solid Moisurizer

One thing my husband always likes for Christmas is a moisturiser. It is normally a great gift the kids can get him because they can afford it with their pocket money.

This year, avoid the moisturizer in a plastic tube or tub and check out some solid moisturizer with zero packaging. Lush make argan facial oil which is solid and has no packaging so makes a great zero waste gift.


There are lots of fab books that men will love this Christmas. To make it extra eco friendly and zero waste you can gift a kindle book on amazon.com Follow the instructions here.

Netflix Subscription

New Dads in particular are quite often too tired to do much except zone out and watch television on occasion. We have just got a Netflix subscription and it really is very good. It has lots of great series to watch for those nights where you are too exhaused to do anything else. We are currently watching Last Kingdom and it is fantastic. There is tons for the kids too. If he doesn’t already have a Netflix subscription and appreciates good televsion it’s hard to go wrong to gift him a subscription for Christmas.

Zero Waste Necessities Kit

So a zero waste necessities kit is a wash bag filled with all the essentials he may need when he’s showering at the gym or after sport or when he’s going away on business of on vacation.

It contains all the zero waste products that you will need for personal care when you are away from home. So it should have a bamboo toothbrush, solid shampoo (and conditioner – if he uses it), soap, shaving soap, safety razor, solid deodrant and a bamboo comb. Basically everything he will need to make himself look good.

Or you could make it more on the fun side and include some beer soap

You will need to get all the equipment to put into the wash bag. The wash bag below is a great choice becuase it’s made from from recycled bicycle tires and PETE (recycled plastic).

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