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12+ Eco Friendly Gifts for Teenage Boys

Looking for some eco-friendly ideas for teenage boys?  Fed up with buying plastic junk that is just ending up in the landfill? Check out lots of ideas of toys, books and gifts that are perfect for teenagers.

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Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses

The Google VR glasses are mainly made of cardboard are more eco friendly than plastic VR glasses. At least the bulk of it can be recycled when finished. They are also very inexpensive. Granted, they are not going to match the expensive top of the range VR glasses, but they are good enough to use a phone and enjoy a virtual reality experience.

The Google Cardboard version featured supports mobile phones up to a width of 83 mm (3.3 inch) (Google nexus 6, Apple iPhone 6 Plus…). It allows the user to have a home VR experiences with various app and games. For example, there are a variety of captivating YouTube videos made to view with cardboard. Travel the world, go onstage with your favorite artists, experience thrilling simulations, and more.

North Face Recycled Beanie

The North Face beanie is from a brand known for their quality and durability, so if it’s looked after, this hat should last well. But the best thing about it is that North Face has made the body of the beanie out of 100% recycled polyester.  A beanie makes a fantastic winter gift. It’s also the perfect size for a stocking filler. There are different colors to choose from.


Bamboo Lapdesk

If he likes to look at his laptop when sitting on the couch, bed or floor, a lapdesk is a fab gift.

The lapdesk featured is made out of bamboo which is a fast growing renewable source and makes a good alternative to plastic lapdesks.

Retro Video Gamer Poster

If you’re looking for a low impact gift for a teenage gamer, why not get them a poster for their room? The poster featured is printed on white linen paper. All packaging is made from recycled paperboard. Additionally, they reinforce all gaming posters with 100% recycled chipboard pads to resist bending and ship them in rigid stay-flat mailers for added protection.

The poster comes unframed but of course you can put it in a frame before you gift it. 

Recycled Wallet

This recycled it makes wallet from recycled bicycle inner tubes. It’s made in Colorado, USA. The wallet is small, durable and a convenient card organizer. It has a slim design and includes a clear identification card window.
There are two main card slots.

E books

There are lots of ebooks that you can get them, that make fabulous gifts. One is the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. Even buying paperback books can be more eco friendly than other gifts. At least a paperback book can easily be recycled. But if they have a kindle or other device they can read on, ebooks are the most environmentally friendly option.

You could also get him a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, where he can borrow many books to read on an electronic device.

Reusable Water Bottle

A good gift for teen boys who do a lot of sport is a reusable water bottle. The water bottle will last and last, meaning that he doesn’t have to keep buying the reusable plastic variety.

Online Gaming Subscription

If they have a games console, they may very much appreciate an online gaming subscription such as one of the following:

Playstation Plus: PlayStation Plus is a subscription service for the playsation that allows you access to certain features for your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita. The most important features are online multiplayer on PS4, free games each month, game discounts and online game save storage.
There are different cost options. A  year’s subscription is $59.99. You can give it as a digital code or a physical card.

Microsoft X Box Life Gold Card: If they have an Xbox, they would probably love an Xbox Live gold live card if they haven’t got one already.
It gives the user access to online games and  lets you connect and play with friends around the world
You get free games every month, the most advanced multiplayer, exclusive member discounts up to 75% on games in the Xbox Store and more. ​

Bamboo Solar Powered Speakers (Wireless and Portable)

Bamboo Solar Powered Speakers (Wireless and Portable)


These solar powered speakers are made of bamboo. Bamboo is a great renewable source as it grows quickly so is easily replenished. There is an option to charge the speakers via a cable so it can also be used when the sun isn’t out! The speakers are portable and wireless so can easily be used when out and about. They make a good option when camping or hiking. Just pair your speakers with your device via bluetooth. It can be used within a range of 33 feet.

The speakers can also be used as a portable charger for your mobile devices as well. So you can listen to your music while charging your device.

Cork Wood iPhone Case

This is a cork phone case for iphones. It provides protection against knocks and scratches. It has an eco friendly cork wood exterior: 100% Natural, Sustainable and Renewable. Cork trees do not have to be cut down in order to harvest the wood. Cork is naturally shock absorbing and water resistant.

It looks good and there are different designs too.

The Official Chase ‘N Yur Face Cookbook: Tasty Recipes & Fun Facts To Start Your Food Adventure

Learning how to cook from scratch is a great skill to learn as it generally involves less waste and packaging so ultimately is better for the environment. Therefore a teenage cookbook is a great gift as imagine the waste he could save if she always cooked using raw ingredients throughout her life.

There is the option to buy an ebook of this publication as well which is cheaper and better for the environment

Wooden Puzzle Construction Kit

If you have a teen who loves constructing and building and want an alternative to the plastic found in an adult lego set, there are quite a few wooden construction kits that tick more eco-friendly boxes. At least when completed and finished with, the main parts can be easily recycled or will decompose.

The UGears mechanical model 3D wooden puzzle is made of natural, eco-friendly plywood materials with no chemical agents and dies. It will last for years and it’s possible to recycle plywood too.

Generation Green: The Ultimate Teen Guide to Living an Eco-Friendly Life

Every teenager should have a copy of the Generation Green Guide For Teens.

There are dozens of tips on how to shop, dress, eat, and travel the green way. It includes interviews with teens like you who are involved with fun, innovative green causes. It shows that being environmentally conscious can be a natural part of your life – and your generation’s contribution to turning things around.

Ipad Stand and Cover


This ipad stand and cover is made out of cork wood. Cork wood is eco friendly as it’s 100% Natural, sustainable and renewable. Cork trees do not have to be cut down in order to harvest the wood. The material is good as an ipad cover as it’s naturally shock absorbing and water resistant.

The ipad cover folds out into a stand with different viewing angles. You can even  turn your iPad into a small laptop and work station if you buy a little keyboard to go with it.

Messenger Bag

This durable and water resistant messenger bag is made out of upcycled bicycle inner tubes and the shoulder strap is made from an upcycled seatbelt. 

It is looks cool and features a zippered exterior pocket, interior pocket, and pet slots.

Wood Earphones

These wood earphones will connect wirelessly to any phone, tablet or computer via bluetooth technology. They give you 7 hours of music playtime & battery life. They are magnetic, easy to click together and store around your neck when taking a break from your music.

Magnets automatically turn off your music when clicked together – the optimal way to carry your earbuds and save battery. When the magnets are separated, the power goes on and automatically re-synchs to your bluetooth.

Reveal plants a tree in an endangered forest for every product sold with nonprofit American Forests, so you can feel good about your contribution to the environment with each purchase.

The Beast Tumbler

The Beast Tumbler holds up to 550ml of water and it keeps liquid hot or cold for up to 12 hours.

It comes in lots of different colors and it comes with two straws, a straw brush to clean them and a splash-free lid.

Cut down on disposable coffee cups and water bottles.

Audible Membership


Another idea is an audible gift membership. You can purchase memberships for different periods of time including 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

It’s an amazing gift to give as they can choose exactly what they want to hear. It’s truly a zero waste gift with no packaging or wrapping to worry about.

Rocket Notebook

Teenage boys will be at school or college so will need to write and make notes for their studies. Make sure they never need to use a piece of paper again, with a Rocketbook Fusion notebook.  It’s is a reusable writing experience and eco friendly as you don’t have to cut down trees for lots of paper. He can write a note using the friction erasable pens than use the rocketbook app to automatically upload it to the cloud of his choice such as Google drive or Dropbox (there are many other cloud services that are supported to).

As well as being a fantastic alternative to a traditional notebook and pen, the Rocketbook has different templates which will help teen boys keep organised.

There are also 7 page styles for planning, listing, goal setting, note-taking, sketching, and sharing big ideas. For example, he will have a project page where you can plan and track projects and subtasks. There are two blank weekly calendar templates, that you can look at to give him a weekly overview of his tasks and a monthly calender page for event tracking.

Ethique Eco-Friendly Bodywash Bar

Help teenage boys move away from the plastic produced from shower gel bottles with a bodywash bar from Ethique. By purchasing and using this bar, you are preventing 1 plastic bottle going to landfill and 3 litres of water being used. The bar is made with oatmeal to soothe & kaolin & charcoal to cleanse. It makes a good stocking filler or small gift for any teen boy.

Recycled Ocean Plastic Phone Case

If he needs a phone case, this one is made of recycled plastic from the Ocean. Fishing nets in our oceans make up 46% of the global ocean plastic issue. Ocean75 are collecting and recycling fishing nets from our oceans to make the Ocean75 iPhone cases from over 90% recycled ocean plastic. Packaging for the Ocean75 iPhone cases is made from recycled cardboard with no plastic window and are FSC certified. All the cases are widely recyclable – you can even send them back to the company and they’ll recycle it into a brand-new case. 

Fountain Pen

Disposable pens are a massive waste problem. In the US, 1.6 billion pens are thrown away every year. Having a refillable pen such as a fountain pen can be part of the fight against pen waste. The fountain pen featured is made of bamboo, which is a highly renewable source. However, any fountain pen will be better than using throw away pens. Teenage boys need pens for their studies, so why not get them a fountain pen that can last them many years? They make splendid gifts for graduation, birthdays or Christmas.

It’s best to look for a fountain pen that has an ink converter. This will mean you avoid using plastic ink cartridges. The pen featured has a piston ink converter. It’s easy to use. You put the nib of the pen into the ink bottle, turn the screw knob on the end (clockwise), and the ink is pulled up into the converter.

Experience Gifts 

Another eco friendly gift idea for teenage boys is to give an experience gift. Experiences can range in price and budget. To be the most eco friendly try and find experiences near to where you live. Check out some ideas:

A day out at a theme park

An adventure experience gift such as quad biking, paddle boarding, canoeing, a bungee jump, high ropes course or zip wire. 

Take them bowling, to the theatre or the cinema.

Tickets to a sporting or music event. 

A day out to a city near you. There are lots of articles about things to do in cities with teenagers. Check out things to do with teenagers in New York and things to do with teenagers in London. Or Google ideas in a city near you!

Try an escape room experience or laser tag. 

Go for a hike. Check out some amazing hikes to do with teens for inspiration. 

Take a camping trip

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