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15 Eco Friendly Toy and Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Girls

This list of eco friendly toys for 4 year old girls is made up of toys and gift ideas that are more eco friendly than most of the plastic toys marketed for kids this age.

It consists of toys and gifts that are either

1.) made from recycled materials

2.) are sourced from wood from a sustainable, renewable source.

3.) are made of materials which can easily be recycled or will decompose.

4.) are low impact 

5.) give back to society

Some of the toys and gifts are made from recycled plastic which is saving it from landfill. Others are made of recycled cardboard or cardboard which can easily be recycled. Some toys featured are also contributing to building better lives for the people that are involved in manufacturing them.

This list isn’t intended to be perfect but it is a good start for researching toys and gifts that may be a little better for our environment. I hope you find some ideas that align with your values.

* Please note we may get a small commission for any purchases made through links in this article

Buzzy ReCycleMe Project Box

Crafty 4 year old girls will love this recycle me project box. It contains all the items she will need to create up to 4 projects using standard toilet paper rolls. She can create a mermaid, owl, butterfly, and fairy houses. There are also other kits available using other household trash such as egg and milk cartons to make all kinds of fun items. An amazing idea to encourage creativity and introduce the concepts of upcycling and conservation at an early age.

Kinderfeets Wooden Balance Board


The Kinderfeets Wooden balance board is a very versatile toy which has so many open ended ways to play. Use it as a wobble / balance board but also use it to slide for your toys, as a see saw, a step stool, a boat, a resting place, a doll bed, a puppet stage, a tunnel and much more!

They created it to help children develop a sense of balance, stimulate their vestibular system, and gain a deep sense of awareness of their body and body parts.

It uses ecologically friendly stains and lacquers and timber that is also FSC certified.

Easy Playhouse Fairy Castle

The Easy Playhouse Fairy Tale Castle is most possibly one of my most favorite toys on this list.

It’s very eco friendly because it’s made out of recycled materials and of course can be recycled once finished with. It is really easily assembled and kids love playing in it. They can color in the outside and put their own unique design on it. A fab toy for imaginative and creative play.

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks

Tegu magentic wooden blocks is a 14 piece wooden block set. The blocks have magnets embedded in them so are safe and easily stick together leading to less frustration in the building process. The blocks are made in Honduras from sustainably sourced hardwoods and they are naturally safe: no lead, no plastic, non-toxic, a water-based lacquer finish and no small parts. 

Tegu is an excellent company who have changed the life of many people and you are really supporting something special if you purchase their toys. They employed people in Honduras, a poor nation where there is 30% of unemployment and little opportunity so it gave people jobs and helped transform their lives.

Go Find It – Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt Card Game for Families

If you’re looking for a low-impact toy to encourage little ones to enjoy the outdoors, this is an ideal gift. Go find it is a natural outdoor scavenger hunt game. It works by giving kids cards and they have to find items with the different sensory characteristics on their card. It can be played pretty much anywhere, a picnic in the park, a walk in the wood or an outing at the beach. It’s aimed at kids from 3 plus, so is brilliant for 4 year olds but also great for older siblings too. You will need to tell younger kids what their word says but older kids can go off independently and search. Even teenagers could play this game, get them to take a picture on their phone of what they have found.

The cards come in a drawstring bag to keep them together. They can easily fit in a coat pocket or backpack

It’s developed by the Sensory Trust and all profits go back into their work helping people get equal access to the outdoors.

Mermaid Floor Puzzle

This Mermaid floor puzzle is also made by Petit Collage.It’s made with recycled paper printed with non-toxic environmentally friendly vegetable based inks. It’s packaged in a keepsake carrying box with a soft cotton rope handle. The puzzle features 24 large pieces which are perfect for little hands.

Mondo Cardboard Blocks

Mondo Cardboard Blocks are made out of recycled cardboard. They are oversized blocks so are really fun for kids to let their imagination loose and build some lifesize structures. They are strong, easy to assemble and when finished with will be easy to recycle or decompose. No plastic blocks hanging around for years! 

Fun and Easy Crafting with Recycled Materials: 60 Cool Projects that Reimagine Paper Rolls, Egg Cartons, Jars and More!

Both budget friendly and eco-conscious. This book is a great way to show kids how they can transform ordinary household trash into toys, masks, bedroom decorations and even a  mini indoor garden. 

It’s a great way to encourage young children to use their imagination and creativity. 4 year olds will most likely need some help to complete the projects. This makes it a fab opportunity for kids and adults to work on crafting together. 

It’s a book with many projects and suitable for kids of all ages.

Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit

Planting seeds is great fun for young children. A packet of sunflower or cress seeds can on its own can be a great gift.

The Green Toys Gardening Kit is made of 100% recycled plastic. The 9-piece set includes a peapod-shaped planter tray, 3 planting pots, trowel, soil pods, and 3 different kinds of organic seeds. It’s a fab way to introduce kids to the skills of planting and growing. And they will be fascinated to see the shoots start to grow. 


Green Toys Gardening Set

This Green Toys Gardening set is made of recycled plastic from milk bottles. The 3 piece set includes the watering can, rake and shovel. Perfect for little ones to help water in the garden. It’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and can even be used in the tub.

Green Toys Build-a-Bouquet Stacking Set

This Green Toys buildable build a bouquet stacking set is also made from 100% recycled milk bottles. 

There is so much play value with this set. Kids can use their creativity and imagination to build different bouquets. The flowers are stackable and great for developing fine motor skills too.

Petit Collage Memory Game – Ice Pops 

Petit Collage are a fab company that make eco-friendly toys and items for the preschooler age range.

This take on the classic matching game features 24 large-shaped cards featuring 12 designs of sparkly ice pops. Can you match them all? 

It’s fun and educational. Memory games promote visual recognition and help focus and concentration. 

The game is made from recycled materials, printed with vegetable inks and exceed all safety standards. 

Green Toys Play Doh Set

Green Toys make a play doh set made out of recycled plastic. The play doh is made with organic flour. This set is designed to be a cake making set, so there is lots of imaginative play to be had.

Recycled Pencils

Many 4 year old girls love drawing and coloring. The recycled pencils are perfect for their drawings and are made from torn strips of waste paper, making them completely tree-free, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Team it with a recycled paper pad for a great gift.

What am I Card Game A Family Guessing Game

4 year olds love playing simple games. Petit Collage has made a game which is fun for the whole family.

Players wear silly glasses and one player will put a card in the slot on his or her glasses. He or she then has to ask the other players questions to see what animal or object that they are.

The playtime is around 15 minutes. The game is made out of recycled materials.

eeBoo is another fantastic eco consious company. The Cupcake spinner board game is made from 90% recycled greyboard and is printed with vegetable baased inks.

Cupcake recipe will display what each player needs to make the perfect dessert. Each player takes a turn at the spinner- the first to collect all the ingredients wins the game. Great for introducing young children to turn taking and also what they need to make a cake. . Also helps develop patience, categorization and recipe following skills. The instructions are included on inside of box cover.

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