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Gifts Made From Recycled Materials

Ideas For Adults

Backpacks and Messenger Bags

There are many companies that sell backpacks made from recycled materials.

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This Ecogear backpack is made from recycled water bottles.


If you are looking for something a little bit different, check out the elephant messenger bag made out of recycled cement bags.  (featured below). It’s hand-made in Cambodia with Love, Members of Artisans Association of Cambodia (AAC) and the World Fair Trade Organization. It’s durable, waterproof and is easily folded up and transported when needed.

The Alchemy Goods messenger bag looks cool, is durable, lightweight to carry and is water proof. It features zippered exterior pocket, interior pocket, and pet slots. But the best things about it is that the exterior is made from upcycled bicycle inner tubes. 

The Haiku Wanderlust RFID crossbody bag is made of durable polyester fabric made from post-consumer beverage bottles. This bag saved 13 + bottles from the landfill. it has two interior pockets and 5 card slots

There is also a removable zippered pouch. It’s great for teenagers just to carry all their bits and pieces, she can fit her phone in and money in the bag as well as other stuff she might need.


Photo frames

For UK readers, Oxfam UK sells a photo frame made out of recycled tyres.

Stocking Fillers

These socks are made out of recycled cotton yarns. They are vibrant, colorful and machine washable.


This travel bag is made from recycled bicycle tires and PETE (recycled plastic). Why not fill it with eco friendly items as a gift such as a bamboo toothbrush and safety razor.

This wristlet uses fabrics made with 100% Cycle PET polyester fabric made from recycled water bottles (uses 5+ bottles). It features 12 card slots and zip coin pocket with 3 sections that are perfect for bills, receipts and lip gloss

Wallets make a nice stocking filler and the Green Guru wallet in the picture below is made from recycled bike tubes.


Jewelry and Accessories

Etsy have all kinds of jewelry made out of recycled materials. 

A planet, love, life bracelet made out of salvaged fishing nets.

Flip flop bracelets made out of flip flops in Mali, West Africa

Moneta Jewelry make pendants and earings out of recycled materials which are fair trade too.

The ring below features glass made from recycled mason jars.

Toys and Gifts for Kids

There are lots of toy companies that make toys from recycled materials and include recycled plastic and cardboard. Here are a few:

Recycled Plastic Toys

Green toys – make all kinds of toys from recycled plastic including bath toys, jump ropes, dump trucks and baby toyss

Building blocks and toys

Mondo make large sturdy cardboard building blocks for children in the USA and UK.

Craft Kits

Petit Collage make craft kits for young children including dinosaur and fairy playsets as well as a toy camera kit among others.

Shainsware make a kit where you can make a bracelet out of recycled materials. This is a good option for tweens. Check it out below.

Jigsaw puzzles

There are many companies that make jigsaws out of recycled materials. They include petit collage for young children. Suns Out are a company in the USA that make jigsaws for all ages and abilities.


You can even buy your own castle or cottage made out of recycled cardboard and decorate it too.

Pencil Case

Blue Q make pencil cases out of  95 percent post-consumer recycled material. They are waterproof and easy to clean – cases features a zipper closure. It could be used as a pencil case, a make up case or to hold coins. There are lots of different designs to choose from like the dinosaur featured below. 

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