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Why You Should Buy a Make Up Remover Cloth or Towel

If you are buying for a teen girl or women who wears make up this Christmas, make sure she gets a make up remover cloth / towel in her stocking.


They remove make up with just warm water. So there is no longer any need to buy make up remover in plastic bottles. There is also no need to purchase make up remover wipes every again.

The make up remover cloths or towels can be washed after use and used again and again.

This leads to several advantages:

1.) There will be no longer any waste from make up remover wipes or plastic bottles with make up remover inside. She will not need cotton pads to use to remove make up either.

2.) Not having to buy make up remover wipes or make up remover will mean she will spend less money.

3.) It enables you to clean up make up from your face without using any harsh chemicals.

Additionally the cloths themselves are inexpensive and they last for ages.

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Makeup Remover Cloth Clean Towel

This make up remover towel erases traces of all mascara, oils and daily pollutants instantly with just water.

1. Using warm water wet the Makeup Remover cloth, making sure the cloth soaks up the water.
2. In a circular motion remove makeup using the front side of the cloth.
3. Flip cloth over and continue until all makeup is removed.
4. Easy Hand wash or Machine wash the towel as you like, tumble dry and DO NOT BLEACH.

The towel has two sides. The front side is dense and has short hair for wiping off the make up. The opposite side has soft, longer hair for subsequent facial cleansing,



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