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So you’re looking for zero waste gifts for the women in your life, but many of the “zero waste” options have packaging or aren’t actually truly zero waste.

Of course, it’s impossible to find an option that’s zero waste because even experience gifts will use up some kinds of resource at some point.

However, the gifts on this page are as zero waste as humanly possible. There is no packaging, and even tickets can be given electronically.

Find experience gifts, zero waste beauty products, vouchers and membership ideas.  Thoughtful gifts, which she will truly be grateful for.

1.) Memberships to local attractions – there are museums, gardens, science centers, theme parks and lots more attractions that offer the chance to buy gift membership which normally lasts for a year. Is there an attraction that she loves to visit or perhaps there is one that she would like to? A membership to an attraction would support the local economy and be a brilliant zero waste gift.

2.) Audible Membership – listening to audio books is becoming more and more popular thanks to audible memberships on amazon prime. It’s a great way to enjoy books. People can listen to their favorite novels or factual books while doing the housework, driving or just when relaxing. Amazon has different lengths of membership including 3, 6 and 12 months which will suit different budgets.

3.) Plants – an indoor plant is the perfect zero waste gift to give to brighten up her home.

4.) Herbs – if she likes to cook, why not give her some herbs so she can use them in her dishes.

5.) Kindle or audiobooks – if you want to get her a specific book to read, why not do it the zero waste way with an ebook or audiobook.

6.) Spa day – take her to be pampered for the day.

7.) Massage – a massage could be part of a spa day or why not give the gift of massage on its own? You could either pay for a professional massage or if you are her partner why not give her the gift of massage with your own hands?

8.) Restaurants – take her out for a meal for the evening at one of her favorite restaurants or somewhere she’d like to go.

9.) Vouchers to a cafe – perhaps she is more of a coffee and cake lady. Vouchers so she can treat herself at a local coffee shop may be the way to go.

10.) Netflix subscription – let her have access to some awesome TV series and movies with a gift Netflix subscription.

11.) Gym membership – if she likes to keep fit or needs some inspiration to get going, a local gym membership is a great zero waste fitness gift.

12.) Tickets – tickets to the cinema, theatre, a sporting event, bowling, a concert, a comedy night – wherever there is a ticket it makes a pretty neat zero waste gift. Of course, if you want to really make it zero waste, you will need to get an e-ticket.

13.) Adventure Experience Days – there are tons of adventure gift experience days that make a zero waste gift she is unlikely to forget. The best gift experience will depend entirely on her personality, likes and dislikes. Adrenaline junkies will love bungee jumping, water sports, a plane or helicopter lesson or a zip wire experience.

14.) Eco Friendly Break Away – why not take her away for an eco-friendly break. If you have the tent gear and she likes being outdoors, camping and hiking might be her thing. If she prefers something more luxurious, why not find an eco-friendly hotel. Find some of the best eco-friendly hotels in the USA

15.) Special afternoon tea experience – Why not find a really special afternoon tea experience near you and treat her? 

16.) Learn to forage experience – another memorable experience for environmentally conscious women is learning how to forage. There are lots of forage experience days where you can find the right mushrooms and other foods in the wild.

17.) Cookery courses / lessons – Are you looking for a gift for a food fanatic? Perhaps there is nothing she would like more than learning new skills in the kitchen? Cookery lessons or courses would be the perfect gift for a foodie.

18.) A trip to the salon, hairdresser or beautician  – an appointment to have her hair styled, her nails manicured, her feet pedicured, a facial or other beauty treatment.

19.) A makeover and photoshoot – a change to get made over and then have photos taken looking your best. Have a fashion and hairstyle makeover and the experience of being a model for the day. Lots of fun and photos to remember after the experience.

20.) Music lessons – does she have a passion for singing or would she like to learn to play the guitar? Music lessons would be the perfect gift to facilitate this.

21.) Adopt an animal – many wildlife parks and other organisations offer the chance to adopt an animal. The WWF allows you to adopt an animal in the wild and support their vital conservation work. Some wildlife and safari parks allow you to adopt an animal which you can visit.

22.) Solid shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser bars – these are great because you can really give something solid as a gift but they are zero waste as once they’ve been used up there is no trash. Lush is a great store to get these gifts from because if you choose to, you can bring your own packaging to put them in.

23.) Bath bombs – Lush also do some amazing bath bombs. Put them in your bath and they will fizz away, change the color and provide help moisturize your skin.

24.) Naked shower gel – another outstanding product from Lush is the naked shower gel. It’s a solid shower gel – no more plastic bottles in the shower.

25.) Zero waste make up – zero waste make up is also becoming more popular. The options are limited but that’s what makes them a fab gift, you can source the make up and gift it her to try out. Again lush make solid foundation and lipsticks which are worth trying out.

26.) Solid deodorant and perfume – help her do away with the roll on and spray deodorants with the solid versions. And really smell amazing with some solid perfume.

27.) Flowers – visit your local florist and ask if you can buy flowers without the packaging. Most will be happy to oblige. Be extra eco-conscious and ask if they have flowers which are locally sourced.






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