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One of the gifts I was given at Christmas was from Lush. My mother in law knows I love all the zero waste, package-free shampoos, conditioners and other eco friendly beauty products at Lush so that was my gift from her. And it came beautifully wrapped and presented in the fabric cloth that you can see in the image above. 

7 Reasons for Wrapping Your Gift In Fabric Cloth

 Wrapping gifts in fabric is a Japanese tradition known as furoshiki and I love it for so many reasons:

1.) It’s so easy. No sellotape required. Just a few folds and a knot at the top and you have a beautifully wrapped gift.

2.) It’s super quick. Just think of the amount of time you can save wrapping gifts in fabric next Christmas.  No losing the end of the sellotape or misplacing the scissors saving you time and stress. 

3.) The obvious!It’s eco friendly. The fabric can be kept and reused to wrap other people’s gifts.

4.) There are lots of wrapping variations. If you want to get a bit more creative, the fabric can be wrapped in lots of different ways. A quick google “How to do a knot wrap” , will bring up lots of results including a handbag wrap and a turban wrap. 

5.) The fabric can be used can be part of the gift. Some ideas include a scarf, a throw, a tea towel , napkins, a towel or a blanket.

6.) All kinds of fabric can be used for furoshiki. you can make your own fabric wraps from fabric scraps, scarves that you already own but no longer need, scarves found in charity shops or any piece of cotton or silk fabric you think will do the job. 

Fabric Gift Bags


7 Reasons for Wrapping Your Gift in a Fabric Gift Bag


 But there’s one thing that’s even better than fabric wraps, it’s fabric gift bags. Here’s why:

1.) They’re even easier to wrap gifts than fabric wraps. Just put the gift in the bag and it’s done.

2.) They’re reusable. You can keep a set at home to wrap gifts for the people you live with.

3.) If you have kids, get fabric gift bags to put the kids birthday and Christmas presents in. They can be used over and over again, year after year.

4.) An inital outlay will be required if you don’t make them yourself. However this should be offset by the amount you spend on wrapping paper if you use for the people you live with. You can ensure you can use them again and again.

5.) Sometimes you don’t even have to buy them new. The fabric gift bag featured in the image above isn’t even a fabric gift bag. It was a case for my sunglasses. It’s suprising the amount of cloth bags you may get given that you can use as fabric gift bags. They include bags with jewelry inside.

6.) If you are handy with a sewing machine, you can make your own.

7.) You can also make the fabric gift bag part of the gift. Give the gift in a drawstring bag which they could use as a gym bag. Or why not give it in a reusable produce bag or cotton tote bag they can use for their shopping trips? Kids could use a cotton drawstring bag for swimming trips. Small gifts could be given in little drawstring bags which could also be used as money pouches. 


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