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Zero Waste and Eco Friendly Beauty Gifts

Many women (and men) like beauty gifts that are practical and there are tons of eco-friendly and zero waste ideas in this article. 

Ideas range from safety razors to bath bombs to solid shampoo. Check some out below. 

* Please note we may get a small commission for any purchases made through links in this article



Ethique Eco-Friendly, Hair Sampler

This set of shampoo bars come in a selection so she can try a few out.

As it comes in a box, it makes a nice gift.

Bamboo Toothbrush with Holder

(great for the zero waste travel)

Bamboo is considered one of the most renewable sources on the planet as it grows so quickly.

This toothbrush and holder are made out of bamboo so it’s eco-friendly, antibacterial, light-weight.

A great gift for anybody who is environmentally conscious and likes to travel.

Blue Q Bags, Jumbo Zipper 

This zipper pouch is made from 95-percent post-consumer recycled material and would be great to hold those make up essentials, especially for travel or for taking to and from the gym. It’s has reinforced expandable gussets. 

It’s waterproof and easy to clean. 

Bamboo Safety Razor

Conventional plastic razors are almost impossible to recycle. A bamboo safety razor is a great replacement as you will need to only replace the blades and not the whole razor.


Ethique Eco-Friendly, Face Sampler

Another fab gift idea from Ethiquie is this face sampler gift set. Avoid more plastic bottles and try out  the following face samples: Bliss Bar, The Perfector, Saving Face Serum, Gingersnap, In Your Face.

Bath Bombs


Bath bombs are a great eco friendly gift as there are no plastic bottles involved!

The bath bombs featured are handcrafted and come in many different fragrances.


Make Up Remover Cloth

If she wears lots of make up, this make up remover cloth will be a Godsend. It can remove her make up with just water and using the cloth. No more spending money on make up remover in plastic bottles.


Ethique Eco-Friendly, Body Sampler

Another gift set from Ethique is a body sampler gift set. It includes a solid deodrant to try out. There’s also a bodywash bar, lime and ginger body polish, lavender and vanilla butter block and cocunut and lime body lotion.

Natural Wooden Paddle Hair Brush

Does she need a new hairbrush? A bamboo hair brush is a fab eco friendly option plus it has lots more benefits too.

Natural bamboo bristles help to naturally condition your hair, and evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils down the hair shaft. Your hair will look smooth, shiny and feel silky soft.

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