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Zero Waste And Eco Friendly Gifts for Men

Men can be difficult to buy gifts for and it can be twice as difficult when you’re trying to find something that is eco friendly. This guide has lots of ideas for men of different ages and with different interests.

Find gifts that will help him lead a zero waste lifestyle, gifts made out of recycled materials and renewable resources.

Safety Razor

Ditch all those disposable razor blades and replace with a good old fashioned safety razor. Some people can get nervous about using a safety razor as the razor are sharper but it really is no different to shaving with a disposable. This safety razor is nice one for men. Using a good shaving foam / soap is essential. As you get a close shave you may find you can get away with shaving less.

Shaving Soap

Leave less of a carbon footprint and encourage him to ditch the cans and empty bottles and replace with shaving soap.

This shaving soap uses all natural and minimal ingredients, provides a thick and creamy lather and is moisturizing and does not dry out.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Plastic toothbrushes can take over 400 years to decompose and imagine how many of those each person can get through in a lifetime. This bamboo toothbrush set will keep him in toothbrushes for a good while and are much more eco friendly. And they come with a travel case as well.

Subscriptions and Memberships

There are tons of subscriptons and memberships you can purchase as a gift for a men that they will love. Here are some ideas:
Netflix subscription

Audible membership

Gym membership

Spotify subscription

Amazon prime membership (for the TV and videos)

Kindle unlimited membership

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

A stainless steel water bottle means that he will have the option of never using a disposable plastic bottle again.

The modern wave water bottle featured is vacuum insulated so can keep drinks either hot and cold for hours, so is a great accessory to have all year round.

It’s a particularly fab gift if he needs a drinks bottle for sports, hiking, camping, at work, watching the kids play sports or just for when and about.


E books

If you are in the US, it’s super easy to give an ebook as a gift to anybody who has an e-mail address. Find out how. 

You can select a future delivery date to have it e-mailed if you wish.

If you prefer you can also e-mail the gift to yourself and then print and personally deliver it to your recipitent. This means you can put the voucher for the book in a greeting card.

This makes kindle ebooks a fab, eco friendly gift. You can also give books as gifts on the nook (this article shows how).

Unfortunately UK amazon doesn’t let you give e-books as a gift. But you can buy a voucher and suggest a book they might like. This article will print you a voucher which you can put in the card.

Kindle Ereader

If they don’t have a kindle and they love to read, this will make a fab gift. Imagine all the trees that we could save if everybody read ebooks instead of the printed version.

The price ranges of kindles range from $79.99 to $249.99 depending on the kind of features you want.

The Oasis Kindle is the latest version of the kindle and is truly amazing. You can read it in bright sunlight and it’s waterproof too.

Solar Powered Bamboo Speakers

This solar powered speaker is a fab little portable speaker which is made from bamboo a sustainable wood source. For every product sold a new tree is planted.

The sun charges the speaker with energy efficient mono crystalline solar panels. Many users in sunny climates report relying mostly on solar power. Leave it outdoors or on a window sill indoors. Enjoy the freedom of being truly wireless, you may never have to plug it in! When no sun is available, the 15 hour battery life keeps you going all night! There is also the ption to charge speaker using a USB cable is available if needed.

The speaker can also double up as a portable charging station for your devices. When you want to play music just pair it via bluetooth with your device. It has a range of about 33 feet.

For peace of mind it also comes with a one year warranty.

I Pad Stand And Cover

This is an ipad stand and cover made of cork. Cork is a type of sustainable wood, but it feels soft and supple to the touch like leather. Cork trees do not have to be cut down in order to harvest the wood. Cork is the same material as your wine bottle stopper. Its naturally shock absorbing and water resistant, perfect to protect your iPad Air 2.

It has an automatic sleep/wake lid turns on device when opened and off when closed. It provides access to all ports, buttons, speakers and camera.

It folds out into a stand with different viewing angles.

Thug Kitchen

Thug’s Kitchen is a best selling cookbook and makes the perfect gift if he likes to cook or he his prepared to cook to make himself healthier.

It is a vegan cookbook so there are lots of ideas to try out without meat or dairy.


Solar Charger

solar charger is a particularly great gift for a man who likes to hike and camp but also wants to charge his device at the same time. It could also be used as a general charger when the sun is shining

It’s a compact build and easy to carry. It also has 3 ports.



If you are getting a man socks for Christmas, make sure they are these ones. These socks are made out of recycled cotton yarns. They are vibrant, colorful and machine washable.

Vaccuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug

A travel mug is great for ensuring that he has a hot drink on his way to work or at work. No more disposable coffee cups from Starbucks and if he normally buys these it will save him money too.

Ths travel mug  is leak and spill-proof. Drinks stay hot up to 5 hours or cold up to 12 with vacuum insulation.


Messenger Bag – Made of Recycled Bike Tubes

This is such a great messenger bag. It looks cool, it’s durable, lightweight to carry and is water proof. It features zippered exterior pocket, interior pocket, and pet slots. But the best things about it is that the exterior is made from upcycled bicycle inner tubes and the shoulder strap made from an upcycled seatbelt. 

Travel Kit Bag

If he likes to travel or is away from home a lot because of work, a travel / toiletery bag where he can fit all his essentials such as a toothbrush, toothpaste and shaving equipment can come in useful.

This travel bag is made from recycled bicycle tires and PETE (recycled plastic). Why not fill it with eco friendly items as a gift such as a bamboo toothbrush and safety razor.



The wallet featured is made of recycled and handpicked race car tires, bicycle inner tubes, and hemp. It’s hand-crafted and produced in a 100 percent waste-free process in which all leftover materials are either reused or recycled. 

There are plenty of pockets for cards and it’s perfect for carrying cash too.


Funky Veg Kit

If you know a man with green fingers, the funky veg kit could be the perfect gift.

Use the kit to grow purple carrots, red brussells sprouts, stripy tomatoes, yellow courgettes & multi coloured swiss chard

The kid includes 5 seed varieties, 5 growing pots, 5 peat blocks and 5 plant markers

Sowing & growing tips included

Bamboo Wooden Pen

This pen is made out of bamboo which is a fast growing and therefore very renewable source of wood. It can be personalised and be lazer engraved with the name of the recipitent or the text of  your choice.

Bamboo  Beard Brush and Comb

This beard brush and comb set is made out of bamboo which is 100% biodegradable and a renewable source.

A great gift for the man who has a beard or is growing one.

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