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Zero Waste Gift Ideas For Her

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Are you looking for some zero waste gift ideas for a special woman in your life? Whether you are buying for your Mom, sister, daughter, friends, aunt, niece or other relative, there are tons of gifts which will either help her live a zero waste lifestyle or create zero waste.

* Please note we may get a small commission for any purchases made through links in this article

1.) Shampoo soap – Lush makes some really nice shampoo soaps. Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar is a nice one to try out. If you like to do all your shopping from amazon, check out the Ethique range of solid shampoo bars
2.) Conditionar bar – Lush make conditioner bars like the sugar daddy-o conditioner bar. Ethique also make a lovely range of conditioner bars.
3.)Moon cup
4.) Zero waste books – there are tons of books that give lots of tips to build a zero waste lifestyle.
5.) Gift voucher for a zero waste shop / ethical shop (it could be online or a physical shop near where she lives)
6.) Swell water bottle – keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and it keeps them hot for 12 hours.
7.) Bamboo toothbrush
8.) Safety razor – help her to replace her numerous plastic razors with one safety razor.
9.) Shaving soap
10.) Bath bombs
11.) Deodrant bar
12.) Packaging free make up – you can get lipstick and eyeshadow blocks as well as solid foundations and highlighters. Lush make quite a few so well worth checking them out.
13.) Soaps – a selection of some lovely soaps can make a fab zero waste gift.
14.) Scented candles – if you can buy from a local supplier and ask to go packaging free.
15.) Book a spa day for her
16.) A donation to her favourite charity or a charity gift
17.) Take her out for a meal
18.) An afternoon tea or just out for a coffee
19.) Movie tickets
20.) Reusable produce bags – not the most exciting option but may be a good gift for somebody who is very much into the zero waste movement.
21.) Reusable make up pads – help her remove her make without adding any cotton pads, tissue or other fabric into the environment.
22.) Solid face scrub cubes
23.)23.) Foot soap – Lush make a foot soap to help break down rough skin on her feet. A great treatment before a pedicure.
24.) Butter block body lotion bar
25.) Microfiber Makeup Remover Cloth Face – use this cloth to remove your make up with only water required. The cloths are washable so can be used over and over again. Use up to 1000 times and everything comes clean!
26.) Face Cleansing bar
27.) Compostable Bamboo & Sugarcane In-Shower Storage Container
28.) Subscription service to a organic veg box
29.) Audio books or a subscription to a service such as audible.
30.) Subscription to a media streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.
31.) Subscription to spotify
32.) A planet, love, life bracelet made out of salvaged fishing nets.
33.) Modibodi – washable underwear she can wear on her period to reduce the need for tampons and sanitary towels.
34.) E-books or a subscription to Kindle Unlimited.
35.) Itunes voucher
36.) Naked shower gel from Lush
37.) Plants
38.) Gym membership
39.) Pay for sessions with a personal trainer
40.) An online fitness program such as Fitfusion Mutu Mama is a great option for moms.
41.) Your time – can you do something for her? Take her car for a service. Clean her house. Look after her children for an afternoon?
42.)An adrenaline experience – would she love to go bunji jumping, rock climbing, canoeing or go karing. Find an activity she would like to do an buy her an experience.
43.) Makeover and photoshoot.
44.) Take her away for a weekend
45.) Concert tickets
46.) Alcohol – in glass bottles that can be recycled after
47.) Money
48.) Lessons for something she wants to learn – music lessons, cooking classes or language learning.
49.) Reusable coffee cup – great if she is always getting coffees on the go.
50.) Restaurant vouchers
51.) Cook her a meal
52.) Chocolates – for a zero waste option, you can make your own. Or you can visit a chocolatier and ask to bring your own packaging to take it home in.
53.) Online Magazine Subscription
54.) Lush solid hot oil treatment
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