One of my criteria for buying toys and gifts nowadays is to keep stuff out of the landfill. The gifts on the list for kids below aim not add any extra waste for the landfill areas on this planet and where possible recycle materials that we already have. There are consumable ideas, experiences, recycled toys and gifts, online ideas and homemade toys. It’s may not be 100% perfect, although I have tried but it should make an excellent starting point when purchasing gifts for kids.

1.) Vegetable Gro Box

2.) Sprout Pencils – natural and biodegradable pencils

3.) Days Out – Swap lego for a day out at a theme park of another exciting adventure.

4.) Chocolate, cookies, sweets. Therea are lots of ways you can do this zero waste fashion. Make your own or buy zero waste. One way to get sweets is to get a pick a mix with your own container. Buy cookies and cakes from a bakery and request to use your own packaging.

5.) Online gaming subscriptions for gamers such as Xbox live or Playstation

6.) Chalk – you can get big thick chunks of chalk that can be used outdoors. Great for playing games like hopskotch or tic, tac toe.

7.) Cinema tickets

8.) Seeds to plant in the garden.

9.) Reusable water bottle – that they can take to school or for sports

10.) Money

11.) Homemade lip balm

12.) Music lessons – do they want to sing, play piano or guitar

13.) DIY cookie kit – have the ingredients in a glass jar which you already have.


14.) Tickets to see their favourite sports team

15.) Homemade play doh or slime

16.) Secondhand – if there is a specific game or toy they want can you get it secondhand.

17.) Audiobooks – great to listen to at bedtime or in the car

18.) Bath bombs – for girls and boys. Lush make a great rocket shaped bath bomb which my 7 year old loved for his 7th birthday.


19.) Fun shaped soaps

20.) Itunes credit

21.) Pampering for young girls (pedicure, manicure, hairdressers, spa day etc)

22.) E-books

23.) Music subscription eg – spotify (for older kids who like to listen to music)

24.) Homemade / DIY science kit

25.) Dress up box for kids – Young children love getting dressed up. You can get secondhand clothes from family, friends, charity shops and online to create a great dressing up box like no other.

26.) Adopt an animal gift pack

27.) Jelly bean game

28.) Online computer games. If they don’t already have a games console, they could get a second hand one from ebay or somewhere else and save it from landfill.

29.) Green toys – these are particular great for toddlers and preschoolers. Green toys make their items from recycled plastic such as milk bottles. They include tea sets, dump trucks, bath boats, baby toys, trains and lots more. Amazon do a great selection but other merchants stock these toys as well. In the UK check out the Ethical Superstore.

30.) Planet Love Life – this company make really cute bracelets out of fishing nets and rope. They make a good idea for tweens and teen girls.

31.) Get active – take the kids for an adventure they won’t forget with an adrenaline filled experience. Think climbing walls, go karting, horse riding, ice skating, Go Ape, ride in a tank, a canoee adventure or a helicopter ride.

32.) Sporting tickets – a ticket to see their favorite sports team play.

33.) Photoshoot – older kids may love a makeover day and photoshoot but there are some great themed photoshoot packages you can buy as well (such as a fairy and elf themed shoot).

34.) Recycled notepad – for UK readers check this one out from Protect the Planet.

35.) Recycled pencils – there are pencils that are made out of all sorts of things including newspaper.

36.) Recycled cardboard eco maze

37.) Easy playhouse – This one is a great option for toddlers / preschoolers. It’s made of recycled cardboard and can be recycled again once finished with. Kids can draw and decorate it themselves too.

38.) A brick set – made of recycled cardboard. Kids really love these oversized building blocks.

39.) Jigsaws made out of recycled cardboard. Suns out do a great collection for all ages and abilities.

40.) Look what you can make with recycled paper (book) – great arts and crafts book using recycled materials.

41.) Shainsware Bff kit – make a bracelet out of recycled materials. A fab idea for tween girls.

42.) Recycled fort / castle – made out of recycled reinforced paper, it can be used for play and storage. Looks amazing.

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